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Willy Boy is on the stage.  LbNA # 38530

Placed DateMar 25 2008
LocationBanning, CA
Planted ByMaddog32    
Found By Sunshine & Gray Mare
Last Found Apr 6 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is in a very beautiful county park thart is also significant historically. The "Gilman Ranch" was a cattle ranch that was established in part to service the stagecoaches coming and going from California. I have more research to do on the exact origins of the ranch but it is very beaytiful. In the spring there is a profusion of wild-flowers. Banning is located right off of Interstate 10 freeway on 26 miles West of Palm Springs. Gilman Ranch is located in the North of Banning on Wilson St.
To find the box. I am new to this so please let me know if the clues are too esasy or too hard. Enter Gilman ranch and follow the driveway and park next to the museum. Climb the gravel walkway up to the picnic area. You next must go tot the place where they use pans to find precious yellow metals. Looking North you will see the creek running from your left and a trail that crosses it. Follow the trail across the creek and look for the pipe that spans the water. A few paces further you will see some steps leading down to the creek. Go down the steps and look for the number five. Stop by the number post and face upstream. The post should be on your left. Now pace off 22 steps and stop. Look to your right. there should be a rock that is black and red and looks like an arrowhead. Look under the "blunt" end of the arrowhead under some rocks and you should find the box.
When you put the box back be sure to cover it well and enjoy the peace and scenery around you!