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Goliath Is Missing!  LbNA # 38535 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 25 2008
LocationMaitland, FL
Planted BySilvernymph    
Found By Turtle Islanders
Last Found Aug 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Goliath Is Missing!

Goliath is a cat. He is the sweetest, most wonderful cat in the world. Goliath is missing! Help us find Goliath by joining the search with the "Goliath is Missing!" box.

To find "Goliath Is Missing!" travel to Lake Lily Park on the corner of Maitland and 17-92 near the Enzian Theater.
Walk around Lake Lily until you find a wooden bridge. Stroll along the wooden bridge until you reach its northern end. At the northern end you will find two signs: one will say "No Bare Feet" and the other will say "No Fishing."
At the base of the post with the "No Fishing" sign you will find a wall of stone and a lot of greenery. Search where the greenery, the post and the wall meet, and there you will find this box.

Find Goliath at the Florida Film Festival! Goliath with be screening at the Enzian Theater Sat., March 29th @ 9:45 pm and Wed., April 2nd @ 1:30 pm. Meet the filmmakers David and Nathan Zellner at the Wednesday screening!

P.S. A little birdie told me that there is a hitch-hiker somewhere in Orlando named "Goliath." If you find him, bring him in person to one of the screenings to win 2 FREE TICKETS!

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Alas, the placer has relocated to Brooklyn, NY and therefore cannot replace nor maintain the box. If, perchance this box is still found intact, please contact the placer so the page can be updated. In this event, willingness to adopt the box would be much appreciated.