Mr. Men series 2  LbNA # 38558

Placed DateMar 24 2008
LocationJacksontown, OH
Found By SilverCityGirl
Last Found Aug 9 2015
Hike Distance?

Mr. Men series 2

Find the intersection of US Rt. 40 and OH Rt. 13. From this intersection continue north on OH-13 about 0.75 miles to the Jacksontown Cemetery (it will be on your right). Follow the road up the hill and turn right at the fork. Continue to the back corner where you will see a no left turn sign ahead. Park here. Locate a tall tree with many splits in the trunk between the markers of Harter and Jones. Within this tree you will find Mr. Worry.

About 16 paces north of Mr. Worry you'll find Mr. Nosey hidden in the middle of and old stump and several fallen grave stones.

From Mr. Nosey take 19 paces at 260* and you will find Mr. Greedy hiding around eye level.

Please be sure to rehide well and be careful since you can be seen by people on the overlook at the arboretum.