Herrington Arch Letterbox  LbNA # 38563

Placed DateMar 25 2008
LocationOakland, MD
Planted By2Camels    
Found By Donegal Dysfunctionals
Last Found May 8 2011
Hike Distance?

This box is located within beautiful Herrington Manor State Park. Be sure to visit the beach and hiking trails, or take a canoe ride on the lake. This is a great hidden gem of the Deep Creek Lake Area. Good Luck!

Enter Herrington Manor State Park and follow the signs to the Trails. Pass the beach on your left and enter the last parking lot. Near the parking lot entrance you will see the sign for the hiking trail to Swallow Falls -- proceed up the road to the trail head. At the information sign, note how many miles it takes to reach Swallow Falls, you will need this number later.

Proceed down the trail following the white blazes. You will come to a stream, cross over it and continue. You will see a tree on the left marked with a faint yellow and an orange band. Continue to the second tree marked with the yellow and orange band. Near by you will see a tree with 8 living trunks. From this tree walk the following amount of steps on the path: 10 x (multiplied by) the "number you remember from the trail head information sign".

At this point, head off the path to the left, walking under the "tree arch" (near to another yellow and orange banded tree). Pass straight thru the arch and walk towards a tree with 6 big trunks. While facing the tree, with your back to the road, turn 90 degrees to the right. Take this many steps: 3 x (multiplied by) the "number you remember from the trail head information sign".

You will come to a large moss-covered rock. Turn slight left (11 o'clock from where you are heading)and proceed an additional ten (10) steps. At the base of the source of the fallen tree you will find our treasure -- securely covered with rocks, bark and leaves.

Please re-hide our box well. Thank you!