Message in a Bottle…In a Shark!  LbNA # 38571

OwnerLighthouse Luvin Mom    
Placed DateMar 27 2008
LocationPalestine, TX
Found By topcrop
Last Found Mar 30 2014
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Message in a Bottle…In a Shark!

Legend says that a fisherman caught a 700 pound shark in Galveston Bay, and inside the shark he found a bottle with a note. The note was from a H. T. James of Palestine. It seems James had put the note in the bottle and placed it in Long Lake during a flood in 1938. The story goes that the fisherman returned the note and details of how he had found it.

This box has been placed at the site of Woodhouse School because of its historical relation to Long Lake. Long Lake, in itself, was not chosen as it is often flooded.

To the Woodhouse School: Take 79 west (in the direction of Oakwood), just out of Palestine. Before you reach the Trinity River, take east 294. Go underneath the railroad bridge and look out for the historical marker on the right. You will notice that the historical marker stands outside of a native rock short wall. This is the site of Woodhouse School.

Now for the box: Read the historical marker. When you’re done, look to your left. The box is behind the 1st Crepe Myrtle left of the historical marker. Be careful, there are two stamps in this box. One is very small, so be careful not to drop it. Oh...don't forget to put the bottle in the shark. Please re-hide as well or better than you found it, and, as usual, watch out for snakes, poison ivy and other critters.

Happy Hunting!