Bosque: Letterboxing is for the Birds!  LbNA # 38574

OwnerGreen Girls    
Placed DateMar 26 2008
LocationAlbuquerque, NM
Found By LoloFifi
Last Found Jan 21 2012
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SAD NOTE:-( #2 and #3 boxes are missing! 3/14/10 The woodpecker is still hiding in the juniper.

We are studying birds this year in our Girl Scout troop and are completing this letterboxing trail as part of our work toward our Bronze Award. These are #4, #5 & #6 in the 8-box series, Letterboxing is for the Birds!. These 3 boxes are hidden within the Rio Grande Bosque (cottonwood forest along the river). You can find them by hiking the trails of the Rio Grande Nature Center (less than 2 miles total). The RGNC has a great visitor center with observation blinds indoors and out for watching pond life. Bring your binoculars and bird book as well as your stamp!

To the Rio Grande Nature Center: I-25 to Candelaria exit. Candelaria west 'til it ends at the RGNC. I-40 to Rio Grande Blvd exit. North on Rio Grande to Candelaria then west to RGNC. $3.00 parking fee. The nature center and it's parking lot are open 8-5 most days. The parking lot closes promptly at 5 pm so watch the time! The trails are open 24/7 so you can park on Candelaria and walk in via the bike path.

To the trails: From the RGNC walk out the west gate, cross the drainage ditch, up the stairs, cross the bike path, and walk into the bosque. Follow the signs and our clues!

Bosque #1: The Woodpecker in the Juniper Letterbox: Look for the signs leading to the RIver Walk and Bosque trails. Follow them 'til the Bosque trail forks left and the River Walk trail forks right. Follow the River Walk trail 75 paces then look southeast for an Out-of-place tree. Walk to it. Look on the south side between it and the nearest cottonwood. The Woodpecker is there, nestled under leaves.
Enjoy Marisa's stamp!

Bosque#2: The Owl in the Cactus? Letterbox: The Woodpecker holds a clue for you! Follow it then turn around and go 12 paces back toward the river. See the beaver-cut three? Behind the north stump, tucked into the cradling Russian Olive tree, hides the Owl. (Russian olive trees and cactuses share a painful trait!) Enjoy Heidi's carve!

Bosque #3: Riv-ered Bird! Letterbox: Follow the Owl's clue then find Brett's bench. Walk towards the river to the 7-trunked cottonwood. Look for this Bird nesting between the trunks. Enjoy Isabel's art!

Have fun and don't forget your water and sunscreen.

PS: The RGNC has binoculars to loan for free!