If It Floats Like a Duck  LbNA # 38602

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateMar 13 2008
LocationDisney Wonder--Port Canaveral, FL
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Hike Distance?

There is a bit of expense involved in finding this box since you have to take a cruise on the Disney Wonder.

Look for an alphabetical gallery of artwork in a long hallway on the ship. Look for the letter that has a picture of a duck. Go to the curtains opposite the duck and look up in the corner under the cornice and between the wall and the curtain. You will find a small box hanging there.

Please, Please, Please be stealthy. The crew is meticulous in taking care of the boat but we think we've found a great spot. We'd love the box to make it until we get to cruise again. We'd love for you to also leave us a note to let us know about your cruise.