A Family Project  LbNA # 38617 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 30 2008
CountyVan Zandt
LocationBen Wheeler, TX
Found By fatfogy
Last Found Jul 13 2009
Hike Distance?

Box is missing as of 8-3-08.

A Family Project is a dedication to my father. Our "big" family project was to build a train set. We had the tracks, the station, tunnel and a variety of buildings. The train set took over our picnic table. I still have some of the original pieces. I remember being covered in glue from the buildings and trees and plaster was all over the patio.

Located on VZ 4903 is the New Harmony Cemetery of Van Zandt Primrose. From the main entrance walk towards the back of the cemetery about 40 steps. Find the headstone named Brown. There is a heart above. Facing Brown you will see a small bush in front of you. A family project is in the bush.

Even though my father isn't buried here I decided to plant this box in his memory.

Please reseal and rehide the box.