Mountain Rose Series-- all 4 boxes missing  LbNA # 38630 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 26 2008
CountyLos Angeles
LocationMontrose, CA
Planted ByWitchypoo    
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Sadly all 4 of these boxes were taken. I hope someone got a chance to use them in the short short time they were there.

This series was placed by Girl Scout Troop 415 as their Bronze Award. The girls made up the stories in the boxes to pay tribute to the nearby city of Montrose. Montrose was named after Mountain Rose and if you look at a map, the streets make a rose pattern.

Letterbox #1 Mountain Pine

To find the first letterbox start from the parking lot below the baseball fields. Face the park and walk toward th left dugout. Walk until you are in between the blue water fountain and the lamp marked #2. Continue walking along the chain link fence. When you reach the fence (the pitchers area) walk about 40 steps to the tree with 2 trunks. Search the ivy on the fence behind the tree.

Letterbox #2 Mountain River

To find the next letterbox you have to go to your original spot. Find the "Montrose Community Park" bench, near the parking lot, under the big tree. Find the gray walkpath straight ahead (the long squiggly one). Walk up the path passing the tall lamps, stop at the lamp #17 on the right. Walk around the baseball field on your right. As you are walking you will see the blue Crescenta Sports Association scoreboard. Once you reach the scoreboard it is behind the scoreboard behind the tree in the center. Good Luck.

Letterbox #3 Mountain Lion

Facing the scoreboard, turn left and walk roughly 70 steps. Go up the patch to the right to the top of the hill. Turn to your right and follow the fence. Stop at the last picnic table. Walk to your left across the grass, between the two picnic tables. Walk up the dirt path to the first tree on the left. Find the rock pile at the base of the tree on your left.

Letterbox #4

Go down onto the green grass. Turn right and walk about 45 steps. Turn to your right and find the big rock next to the big tree. The box is between the rock and the tree.