Best Kept Secret  LbNA # 38667

OwnerBachs' Boxes    
Placed DateMar 29 2008
LocationDunwoody, GA
Found By Family Grave Seekers
Last Found Oct 13 2010
Hike Distance?

So close to the city, yet miles away. This is such a beautiful place, we just had to share it.

Go to Island Ford Park, a Chattahoochee Recreation Area park on Roberts Dr. (right off Ga 400). Follow the main entrance road to the end - about a mile. Don't forget that there is a $3 parking fee.

Follow the River Trail which goes to the right of the ranger/information center. At the bottom of the hill, go left and follow the main trail.

Be sure to take some bread to feed the Canadian Geese, there is an excellent feeding spot on a large rock that goes out into the river, slightly.

Continue on the main path for about 1/4 mile or so until you see a large rock formation on the left of the path. There is also a large forked tree in front of the rock. Climb to the top of the rock (this is the only "tricky" part of this adventure). At the top of the rock, rest a moment, then turn around and follow the path away from the rock on up the hill. The path is becoming "overgrown" with undergrowth, so the path is not as obvious as it used to be, but keeping going and you will find what you seek.

You will go approximately 52 steps from the rock to a large hardwood tree with a "skirt" of rocks.

Your treasure is among the rocks on the far side of the tree.

Please let us know if the box is not there -

6/18/10 - we replaced the box and gear, since the box was leaking and everything was wet. So, if you've visited before, please come again and sign the new box!