Chasin' Dogs  LbNA # 38694

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateApr 3 2008
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By Chastngyrl
Last Found Nov 25 2013
Hike Distance?

Drive to the Millbrook Exchage Park, off of Spring Forest and Falls of the Neuse Rd. Park at the first lot across form the Fire Station. (Dogs like firehouses!) WOOF

Boxes checked 5/3/09- Intact

Distance: About 1 mile hike. Time : allow 60-90 min.

BOX 1: Paw Print. Start with your back to the firestation.
We need to chase the dogs, so we have to find the dog's track! Dog like to chase balls ... so start facing the ball field. Arf! Amble down to the path, to the right of the ball field.Follow past both ball fields on the right. At the metal fence, count 6 metal posts over, not counting the corner post. Now walk 60 paces all the way to the trees, across the grass, to the Cypress tree,
the tree that looks out of place. (I used to play inside cypress trees when I was growing up, we would pretend they were rockets!)I checked that it is there as of 7/20/08 Hidden at the base in the back is #1 (Roo ...roo ... roo .. the basset bays!)

Box 2: See Spot Run

From that tree, follow along going South, or facing the trees; go to the left straight ahead. Pass the dog Training pen, or should I say the Horse shoe ring! Woof! Go to the left, and pass by the picnic tables. Cross over the road to the doghouse...oops, to the storage shed. Go around the back of the shed and sniff, oh I mean look for the rotted log. Ruff, ruff! Find Spot buried where a new tree is coming up.

Box 3: Scouting for Scottie

Go back to the road and cross over the yellow bump in the road. Stop at the large rock on the right. Go to the first small post to the grassy area. Follow the pathway by the brown picket fence on the right. Pass rocks, and logs on the left. Amble past the tennis courts to the left. Follow on this road, look for a a long broken tree branch on the right that is at an angle. Go to it. There is a white fallen brance that juts out. Do you see the tennis ball? Scottie does! Woof!

Box 4: Searching for Scruffy

Return to the path, go to the right. At the tennis courts follow the cement path to the left. Go all the way around
the tennis courts on the left, make a left at the end. Turn right into the parking lot. Take the first path to the right. Follow along until you see a small cutaway on the left. If you go past the drinking fountain, you've gone too far! Go up to the fence, its a view of the Off Leash Dog Park. See how many differnt dogs you can see. GRR... At the fence, look to the right and go to the tree . Go 7-10 paces from the tree into the wood. You should see a rock there ... and so is Scruffy! Arf arf arf!

Box 5: Milling about for Molly

Go back out to the paved path, turn left. Pass the fountain and the sandbox. (Oh... can't we stop and dig!) Woof, woof! Go past the picnic area to the fenced area on the left. It's the Puppy park! Take a peek and see the puppies play! Go back on the trail. Follow the dirt path by the picnic area. At the end of the foothpath turn right over the wooden bridge. Go to the logs on the right and look at the tree in a "V" with a large vine twisting in it. Look at the base where the vine twists in a tangle. Roo, roo, roo! You found Molly the Basset Hound!

Box 6: Man's Best Friend

Go left on the trail, and back over the wooden bridge and turn left. Travel on the path back to the concrete path, turn right. Say bye bye to the puppies! Look up and see how tall the trees are! Woof! Go straight on the path until you are at the parking lot. Turn Right. Take the next path to the right, past the Indoor pool on the Left. Pass inbetween the bricks on the left and the wooden fence on the right. Look up to your left at the 2 tall trees. Go up the hill, and inbetween the 2 trees. Look inside the tree on the left to find Man's Best Friend!

You have Chased down the dogs!