fish tales  LbNA # 38695 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 3 2008
Locationleesburg, FL
Planted Byteam grumpy    
Found By Team Ginkgo
Last Found Jul 5 2008
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fish tales

you need to bring your own ink or markers to color stamp if you do not have a stamp please do not sign the logbook this is a stamp book only!

go to lake sumter landing the newest town square opened in 2004. take morse BLVD across lake sumter go around the square and turn (R) on canal street. pk in the parking lot of barnes and nobles.

walk across the bridge past the small black lamp you will come to a red chair there is a path before the red chair take that path to the (L).

then you will go past another small black lamp this will be #2. go past that one.

then you will see another small black lamp this will be #3. go past that one

then you will eventually come to a red brick road go across that to the other side. you will pass a water fall stop and take a look and listen.

then you will pass another small black lamp this will be #4

you will come to 2 red chairs go past the 2nd red chair you will see a clearing on your (R) go through the clearing you prize awaits you under a rock covered with straw.