Leo escaped!  LbNA # 38737

OwnerForce of Five    
Placed DateApr 5 2008
LocationReston, VA
Found By Teela
Last Found Apr 16 2016
Hike Distance?

Leo Escaped!

(Note: This box is pretty large and hitchhiker-friendly.)

This box is hidden in a small park in Reston, very close to the Reston Zoo. If you get a chance, visit this thirty-acre, family-friendly zoo. The zoo is located near the intersection of Rte. 7 and Baron Cameron Drive in Reston.

From their website:
Zoofari wagon rides take young and old to see zebras, antelope, bison, ostrich, and lots more. Reston Zoo encourages animal interaction. Animal feed and lamb bottles are available, too. You won't want to miss the alligators, camels, reptile house, or waterfowl.

Afterwards, head to Buttermilk Creek Nature Trail. To get there, head south on Baron Cameron Drive. Turn left onto Lake Fairfax, then make the first right onto Hunt Club. After .2 miles, you will see a small sign for Buttermilk Creek Nature Trail on the left side of the road. Park and head down the steps.

Count the steps as you walk down. Remember this number. Next, you will encounter a path of “tree stump steps” on the ground. Count and remember these also.

Follow the path, and when you come to a fork, take the path that heads down the hill. Eventually, you will come to a small bridge. Cross the bridge and put your math hat on.

Take the square root of (stumps – steps).

The answer will be the number of steps to take after you cross the bridge. You should be standing at a large tree. Walk to the left of this tree under the arch and take the small path heading SSE into the woods. Stop shortly before this path ends at a much larger path/road. Look down the hill in a ENE direction. You should see a rotting log. Look underneath the end of this log to find our escapee from the zoo. Don’t be afraid; he’s very friendly.