King Farm Queen Bee  LbNA # 38749 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 5 2008
LocationRockville, MD
Planted ByJediShays    
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UPDATE: This box was not in its place as of 4/19/08. Perhaps someone found it who wasn't aware - if you know where it is please return it......

Bees seem to be everywhere, and King Farm Park in Rockville is no exception. We have played baseball, soccer, basketball, kickball, tennis, tag, army, flown a kite, swung and slid down slides, climbed on the playground equipment, and more at this park. The bees here have left us alone. It was different at a friend's home in Rockville one day, when a swarm of bees in their backyard stung several of us and our friends.

To find the King Farm Queen Bee, start on the sidewalk at the northeast corner of the park, at the intersection of Grand Champion Drive and Deer Meadow Lane. If you look towards the park, you will see a middle sidewalk leading through the center of the park. Take that and continue until you see a fork in the sidewalk.

Take the sidewalk path that bears right, going up the hill to the picnic tables and barbecue grills among some nice tall trees. Find the grill in the center of this area on top of the hill.

Face towards the west. To your right, you will see a playground with a swingset, slides and climbing equipment. To your left, you will see a baseball diamond off in the distance. If you look more towards the southwest, you will see tennis courts, a basketball court and another playground with swings and slides. Walk 15 paces towards the basketball court.

You should be between some trees. Look right, then down to a hole in the tree near the ground. Inside is the King Farm Queen Bee inside a plastic container. Be careful when you reach in to the hole as not to disturb any other bees. Make your mark.....