N&E's Birthday letterbox  LbNA # 38762

Placed DateApr 6 2008
LocationMilford - Paxton Pamsey Park, OH
Found By Captain Sunshine
Last Found Oct 27 2010
Hike Distance?

This was damaged by water a few months ago, so I temporarily removed it, carved a new stamp and placed it a slightly more secure location. It might be worth a revisit since it has a new hand carved stamp. Also, Leed's 200 LB is hidden nearby! Look him up on AtlasQuest.

Enter Paxton Ramsey Park on Price Road.

Park near the playground and enter the trail that runs behind it.

Take the paved trail to the right -- you should see a bench as you enter the trail.

About 10 paces past the bench, look for a big old tree stump and a small foot path leading off to the left. The stump was a little overgrown, so look closely for the path on the left.

Take the footpath down to the creek.

Before you cross the creek, look for a some cut logs on the creek bank. Slighty to your left two logs will be forming an "X".

Our birthday letterbox is under the "X".

Please rehide well! Thanks! Loveland Joanie