Gorge Overlook  LbNA # 38769

Placed DateApr 6 2008
LocationLoudonville, OH
Found By bunnyslippers
Last Found Mar 28 2016
Hike Distance?

Difficulty and Terrain rated 1; easy

Gorge Overlook

•Gorge Overlook is closed at dark
•The closest Mohican State Park entrance to Gorge Overlook is off State Route 97. After passing the Mohican State Park sign, drive past the Ohio Memorial shrine and past the Bridal Trail Area. The next entrance is the closest to the Gorge. Follow the signs.
•Use the steps on the left side of the parking lot, directly in front of Gorge Overlook.
•Immediately turn left and walk along the stone wall.
•You are walking next to the wall; wall is on your left with trees on your right.
•At the 2nd tree on your right, turn towards the wall.
•Look at the base of the wall. Note the space where a stone is missing. The gap is camouflaged with leaves and pieces of stone.
•An alternative way to find the box is to count 23 stones (approximate number, depending on how you count when a stone row is added due to ground slant) from the corner of the steps.
•Please attempt to remove the box when few people are watching. I am concerned about the location of this box because it is in such a public place.
•When you replace the box, make sure it is out of sight but not out of reach. The hole appears to be very deep.