SHHHH Letterbox  LbNA # 38794

Placed DateApr 7 2008
LocationFresno, CA
Planted ByJ.P.    
Found By Sunshine Nana and Papa
Last Found Aug 26 2011
Hike Distance?

the picture has the new clue, below is the origonal.

SHHHH Letterbox

If a bit of a challenge be the thing which you seek, you must find a place where you’re not free to speak. A place filled with books, every size every sort. Such a place you can find in downtown Fresno Old Sport.

Once you’ve traveled as far as Tulare and O, you shall soon come to see that it’s not far to go. As you pass through the doors and you’re ready for stamping, you must first find the spot where this next box is camping.

First search out the pillar that’s marked with a J be sure to write down every number displayed. Once you’ve found J now you’re on to the P, once again make a note of the numbers you see.

So you’ve found all the numbers on J and on P, go upstairs, look around, for the box you shall see. In the room filled with records and the names of the past, be sure to take heart for this rhyme will not last.

Search for the card catalogue box in this room, such a nice spot to find a small stamp so entombed.

As you stand facing boxes, also facing the door, with books to your back and many drawers laid before. You must now figure out which old drawer it shall be. Now’s the time for the numbers from the J and the P.

Now add up all the numbers written down on J column 651 + 702…., hurry up quit your stallin. Once all four numbers you have then quickly tallied, from your total add the two which are even - don’t dally.

For column P you should see two numbers written. Subtract the larger from the smaller (a negative you’ll be getting). From this total you see add the two even numbers and soon you shall find where the box gently slumbers.

As you look at the drawers, how there stacked twelve by twelve, you must first find the center ere forward you delve. From the center you’ve chosen take your number from J and count that many boxes to the right I shall say. And now with the number you’ve determined for P move that many down and a drawer you shall see.

As you open the drawer you shall find your reward, but be careful to block curious eyes brave explorer. In a place o’ so public folks you’ll most likely meet, so be sure that you keep this location discreet.

Once you’ve found the location and you’ve claimed your reward, take some time in the building to browse through the ward. Read a book, surf the net, but what you really must do is drop me a line and tell me you’re through.