Spring Hopper  LbNA # 38809

OwnerTroop 210 Daisies    
Placed DateApr 8 2008
LocationWooster, OH
Found By civilguy
Last Found Sep 22 2014
Hike Distance?

Can you find "Spring Hopper?"

He is hidden at beautiful Wooster Memorial (a.k.a Spangler) Park in Wooster, Ohio. Wooster Memorial Park has over 300 pristine acres and wonderful trails looping alongside Rathborn Run and is a wonderful spot for letterboxing. (Located west of Wooster, off SR250, at the intersection of Jefferson and Silver roads.)

This box was hidden with children in mind, as it is part of an adventure for a group six-year-old Girl Scouts; but it should be a fun and quick find for anyone. Wooster Memorial Park should be noted on the map for its mosquito population-- it can be quite unbearable even in mild weather, so be prepared!

Begin your adventure at the parking lot. Find the Spangler Loop Trail straight ahead and hike 0.2 miles to the main trail head. Leave Spangler Loop and follow Trillium Loop to the right, as marked by the green arrows. Straight ahead of you is a bridge; cross it. At the end of the bridge, step to your right and follow the flat area along the stream for 13 paces until you are stopped by a fallen tree. Under this tree and to your left is an opening under the stump of another fallen tree. Do you see a flat rock leaning against something that might be your prize?

Thank you for finding the box placed by Daisy Girl Scout Troop 210!