Wanting Watermelon?  LbNA # 38824

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateApr 9 2008
LocationWake Forest, NC
Found By emandthegang
Last Found Aug 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Wanting Watermelon?

Travel to the Wake forest Historic District, 450 North Main Street. (919) 556-2911 Tours by appointment- if you so desire.

Turn off N. Main Street into the parking area on the right. Start at the brick path.

Go to the sundial. What time is it?

Go around to the left, around the clustered flower garden. Sit on a bench and admire the large tree and the garden.

Head through the black wrought iron archway, turn left. Go to the right at the "T".

Read the marker "Unearthed and Risen"

Go into the museum if you scheduled a visit.

Stop at the Historic Marker on the left and read about the well. Go visit the well.

Look for a birdbox on a telephone pole, go there. Go
to the double tree across from the birdhouse, to the left.

Straight across, to the East, by the edge of a wooded area is another double tree. If you look inbetween the double tree, you will see a blue house with cream trim across the gravel road. At your feet, where the new greenery is growing lays a watermelon.