The Pleasant Walk  LbNA # 38825 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerS and D    
Placed DateApr 9 2008
Locationomaha, NE
Found By Thequeenandme
Last Found Apr 13 2008
Hike Distance?

What a beautiful place to take a stroll.

Park on 137th Street between Cuming and Nickolas

Take the walkway west, cross the bridge. Walk until you come to two benches next to each other. Walk about 170-180 paces. On the north side of the path is a group of evergreen trees. Go to the farthest west evergreen tree, turn around look at the first tree going east. The box is on the ground at the base of the tree. Look for a brick, partially obsured by needles and cones

Please be discreet and try to retrieve and replace the boxes when no one is watching. Thanks!