Butterfly Net  LbNA # 38826 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateApr 9 2008
LocationWake Forest, NC
Found By Team Holloway
Last Found Feb 25 2014
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Butterfly Net

H.L. Miller Park, 401 Elm Ave, Wake Forest.
Behind Wake Forest Town Hall
Park near the entrance of the Town Hall.

#1 Yellow Laced Butterfly

Go to the back of the main building. Find the set of wooden stairs and go down them. As you face the stairs at the bottom, the butterfly is hidden under the second stair all the way to the right.

#2 Red Spotted Butterfly

Take the path at the bottom of the stairs to the right. Follow the path until you pass the bushes on your L. Take the first path to the L. There is a bluebird box on the Right. 2 paces away from the bluebird box is a stump. (It may be hidden by needles and brush) The butterfly is resting in the stump. Please rehide me well!

#3 Tiger Striped Tiny

Cut across the green to the nearest bridge by the double trees. The double tree has a snakey type brown vine travelling up it. The tiny is resting in the roots.

#4 Tri-Color Butterfly

There is a tree next to the double tree, it has gnarled open roots. The tri-color is hiding there.

#5 Tiger Stripe Butterfly

Head back over the same bridge. Go North on the paved trail. Count past 2 bridges. Pass the cluster of bluebird boxes. Stop at the wooden wall. Go to the 2nd blue Bird post across from the wooden wall. (the one on the right) Go 8 paces forward. The box is resting at the base of the large tree.

#6 Green Winged Butterfly

Head back down the path. Turn left down the hill toward the middle bridge. Reach underneath the right hand side of the bridge and find the Green Winged sleeping inside.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple chase of the butterflies!