Learning Curve <STOLEN> DO NOT ATTEMT.  LbNA # 38829 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 9 2008
LocationFalmouth, ME
Planted ByWoods Elf    
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THIS BOX HAS BEEN STOLEN AND WILL NOT BE REPLACED.DO NOT GO AFTER THIS BOX. In Falmouth, outside the building where 5TH through 8TH spend their daylight hours. Turn to the place where the children play, in the middle of the day. Take a second to swing on the swings, and take care to look behind you! The way a backwards swing jump goes, a small stream flows. Pass the bridge and take the trail, pass the buses-through the woods. Find the 2nd place where trolls hide. Underneath the shadow, you'll find your box. The stamps are a butterfly, a ladybug and a honeybee.