The Time Quartet  LbNA # 38835

Placed DateApr 9 2008
LocationKnoxville, TN
Planted ByMoon and Sun    
Found By paper trail
Last Found Aug 21 2012
Hike Distance?

You have to see though a Lion’s eyes all most to the North shore to find this box. It’s in a park that runs around a sanitarium, which once inspired Tennessee Williams and countless local ghost stories.

From the Big cat's view, drive to the main parking lot on top of the hill. Most of the action heads to the southeast trail, which if you follow all of 4250 paces round will give you breathtaking views of the mountains and a wastewater treatment plant. Then it will dump you back where you started.

Naturally you’ll want to save this trail for later and look to the Northeast. Seek a frame with a “Lakeshore Park ->” lintel. It’s north post reads “ Vol Services->”, “Chapel->”, “Oak ->”. Look though the frame for the backwards stop at 90 degrees. See a paved path running Northeast past the backwards stop; That’s your way.

Follow this path past a barren that many years ago was the nurses’ dorm and the tuberculosis ward. They had a nice view, but their stay wasn’t always pleasant.

After a few hundred paces you’ll see an island along the path with a large tree. On the side opposite the Island nine concrete sections line the path. Walk to the far end of the island and step off the pavement. Don’t fear the cellulose ghost at 110 degrees.

There will be a wide dirt path at 50 degrees. Follow it. The path ends, but not for you! It’s time to find Mrs. Whatsit’s house. At the side of the supposed “end” of the path, see a thick rusty iron post with parallels running at 0 and 180. Count it as “one.” In to the woods you go along the iron mesh toward 0. Pass Irons 2, 3 and 4. See the fallen “house”.

Between the 4th and 5th irons there is a larger tree. What you seek is near the tree.

Please cover the box completely when you’re finished.

Return to the main parking lot and take at least 30 paces on the Southeast trail to see the view. Follow the high-tech strollers and expensive running shoes if, at first, you don’t see the path. There are benches all along and a bathroom after about 1500 paces.

Box carved by Team BearCat.