Mermaid on the Horizon  LbNA # 38836

OwnerQuercus Alba    
Placed DateApr 9 2008
LocationNaples, FL
Found By DM Scuba Brat
Last Found Jun 25 2016
Hike Distance?

Note: The box was damaged this year, but thanks to another Letterboxer who provided some first aid and left a new book!

From 41 in Naples, take Harbour west toward the Gulf. When you reach Gulf Shore Blvd N, turn right. Take Gulf Shore until you reach a tall black fountain in the middle of the road...turn the WAY to the HORIZON. Head to the southwest corner of the parking lot. Don't park here or you might be fined! Follow the blue and white to the opening between the bushes. Once you have descended the rocks, walk toward the Gulf. Stop when you reach the first palm tree. Look down to your right. Cozy under shells and a rock, you will find your mermaid!

Please re-seal well and replace shells over the box. Don't forget to go for a swim in the Gulf!