Beth--Little Women 3 of 5  LbNA # 38853

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateMar 26 2008
LocationAustin Nature & Science Center, Austin, TX
Found By one love journeying
Last Found Sep 7 2015
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Beth -- Little Women Come to Texas Series Box 3/5

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women has been a favorite of many for over 100 years. When my California granddaughters came to visit, little women in their own right, we decided to plant a series of boxes to honor this loved author, and to commemorate their visit to Texas.
Alcott's Little Women explores the overcoming of character flaws. Each of the March girls displays a major character flaw: Meg, vanity; Jo, a hot temper; Beth, shyness; and Amy, selfishness. They overcome their flaws through lessons learned the hard way. Most of the flaws are in check for a time after lessons are learned, but even as young women the girls must work out these flaws in order to become mothers, wives, sisters, and citizens.
Elizabeth "Beth" March: The second-youngest sister, at about thirteen, is a quiet, kind young woman who is an exceptional pianist. She also enjoys looking after her dolls and cats. She is docile and shy to a fault, having to be home schooled because her chronic shyness didn't let her go to school normally. Beth also is engaged with charity; while her mother is nursing their father, she contracts scarlet fever from a poor family. She survives the illness but is weakened greatly, and eventually dies. She is described as having a round, rosy face, shiny brown hair and appearing younger than her years. She is especially close to Jo, despite their very different personalities.

The Beth Box is located at the Austin Nature & Science Center. From MoPac (Loop 1), exit 2244/Rollingwood and proceed east on Barton Springs Road. Turn left on Stratford, just past the Botanical Gardens entrance. Follow Stratford to the parking area under MoPac Bridge.

From I-35, exit Riverside Drive heading west. Turn left on Barton Springs Road and go about 1.5 mi. Turn right on Stratford Drive and follow it to the parking area under MoPac Bridge.

Walk across the road and up the hill to the Center, where you can get a map. Find the Small Wonders Building, where you can admire the coyote and the bobcat. Turn right (west) thru the gate to the Bird of Prey exhibit. Continue walking west to the Nature Preserve and Trails entrance. Continue down this trail to the intersection of 5 trails. Take the 2nd trail from the right. This trail will take you to the dry creek bed. Cross the creek and up the other side, to the sign for Meadow Trail Lookout. Go up the steps until you come to trail up the steps. Do not take this switch-back trail, but continue straight ahead to a split rail bench on the right side of the path.Sit and enjoy the view. Now that you have your breath back, continue on this trail to the Y at the split rail fence. Bear right (actually straight). As the path curves to the right and enters the woods, continue to the clockwise hairpin turn. Count 20-22 steps. Notice the large double trunked oak tree on the right a few steps off the path? Beth is resting and no doubt practicing her beloved piano behind the tree.
Please be discreet, as there are lots of hikers, families and school groups in the area all days of the week.

Please re-hide well and cover the box with rocks and leaves.
Let us know the status of the box via contact the placer on LBNA or Atlas Quest.