Amy--Little Women 4 of 5  LbNA # 38854

OwnerBloomin' Gramma Jo      
Placed DateMar 26 2008
LocationAustin, TX
Found By Origami Hen
Last Found Jun 19 2014
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Amy -- Little Women Come to Texas Series Box 4/5

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women has been a favorite of many for over 100 years. When my California granddaughters came to visit, little women in their own right, we decided to plant a series of boxes to honor this loved author, and to commemorate their visit to Texas.
Alcott's Little Women explores the overcoming of character flaws. Each of the March girls displays a major character flaw: Meg, vanity; Jo, a hot temper; Beth, shyness; and Amy, selfishness. They overcome their flaws through lessons learned the hard way. Most of the flaws are in check for a time after lessons are learned, but even as young women the girls must work out these flaws in order to become mothers, wives, sisters, and citizens.
Amelia Curtis "Amy" March: The youngest sister at age twelve when the story begins, and a talented artist, Amy is described as a pretty young girl with golden hair (in curls) and blue eyes. Her nose however is rather flat, and Amy obsesses over this minor flaw. She cares about her family, but is also cool, reserved and worldly, showing more compassion when she becomes a wife. In her youth she is slightly spoiled and is inclined to throw tantrums when things do not go her way, being often "petted" since she is the youngest.
The Amy Box is located near Amy’s Ice Cream in the Arboretum area of Austin, off 183 and 360.

You may want to stop for an ice cream, or save it for the return trip. Stroll on down the sidewalk, past the cows on the right. Keep walking to the overlook. You will see a sidewalk under the overlook. Take it to the left, where you will soon encounter a cement and stone walk way with black iron railings. Take that path all the way to the bottom, where you will find a tranquil lake. From this point you may continue around the lake to find Amy’s oldest sister Meg.
Otherwise, turn around and go back up the steps, counting 11 steps in series of 4, 2, 2, and 3. At the place on the sidewalk with 3 stair steps, stop and look over the railing on your right. A few steps beyond the railing a 3-branced cedar stands guard. Amy is tucked under the rock slab on the uphill side, covered by a pile of rocks.

Please be discreet, as this is a there are lots of walkers in the area, especially on the week-ends and around lunch time during the week.

Please re-hide well and secure cover with rocks.

Let us know the status of the box via contact the placer on LBNA or Atlas Quest.