Clue Series -- The Weapons  LbNA # 3886

Placed DateMar 15 2003
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By J and J in VA
Last Found Dec 4 2010
Hike Distance?

FEB 09 2011 UPDATE: As new “owner” for the CLUE Series the maintenance status will be updated periodically. Currently the Maintenance Team (PaperTrail, PinkPanther, Claude White, The Nose, J&J in VA, and sewsewbizzy) sought all the Rooms, Suspects & Weapons on 2010DEC04. We did not have time/light enough to find the Solution – especially since we were missing the 3rd part of the clue. What we did find were the following Original Stamps – unless otherwise noted. Almost all log books were wet and moldy beyond repair.
Weapon 1 X
Weapon 2 X
Weapon 3 X (not sure if orig)
Weapon 4 X
Weapon 5 missing
It is my intention to replace all containers and logbooks – (if dry, prior books will remain), mount old & new stamps on foam core to preserve from breaking, re-carve new stamps for those that are missing, and update clues as necessary. It is expected that this project will be completed before December 2011.

The “Clue” Letterbox Series, metro Richmond, Virginia, 24 Boxes Total

The game of Clue has rooms, weapons, and suspects. This series has stamps broken out into the general categories of rooms, weapons, and suspects with each category hidden in one of three Richmond area parks.

The last stamp in each category series will have a clue that is taped onto the final box. You must write down the clue from the last box. These final clues are numbered, and when you have completed all category series, you will have the clues to the location of the solution stamps in a fourth park! Do not remove the clue that is taped to the final category series box! For the identity of the fourth park, you may need to consult a Richmond map.

Much thanks to the following contributors:
Bobcat Crew, Ladybug, Jolly G-Man, Trish, Itchy Butt Girls
boxitup, SpringChick, mlg, lb_russell, Mapsurfer, DrewClan,
D and Shoo, Leader of the Pack, Daughter of the Old Dominion

The Weapons – Dorey Park – 5 Boxes
Placed by: Ladybug and BobCat Crew
Compass Needed
Difficulty: Moderate. Approximately 2 hours.

To get to Dorey Park from the downtown Richmond Area, take I-64 East. On I-64, get off on the Laburnum Ave. exit. Go right and travel south for almost 5 miles. After you see the Nabisco plant on the right, look for Darbytown Road shortly after. There is a traffic light. Go left on Darbytown Rd. and the park is about 2 miles on the right.

From the south, take I295-N
From the Tidewater area, leave I64 and go I295S
From both directions go west on Route 5, exit 22. Take a right on Doran Road. Take a left on Darbytown road. Park is on left.

Turn into the park and go all the way to the back. Park in the lot on the right that is next to the playground.

Box #1
1. In parking lot, face playground. Look for exercise trail entrance off to the right. There is a large sign.
2. Go onto exercise trail and take the right hand side of the loop.
3. Walk down the trail. At the trail intersection, there will be a sign for a white oak tree. Take the gravel trail at 30 degrees.
4.Cross small bridge and continue past the red oak.
5.At fork, take the grassy cut through toward other gravel path.
6.Take right on gravel path.
7. Continue on down the trail and go around the big bend.
8. After the bend, pass one tree on your left with white paint on it.
9. Soon there will be another tree on your left with white paint on it and an orange 2.
10. At the tree, take three steps.
11. Take 20 steps at 200 degrees. About seven steps to your right is a fallen tree.
12. Walk to the fallen tree. Look for the V on the fallen tree. The box is behind the V, alongside the fallen tree, covered by leaves and sticks. Re-cover carefully, and don’t cut yourself!

Box #2
1. Head back the way you came.
2. At the grassy bypass, go straight.
3. Pass the picnic table and chin-up bar.
4. At next fork, take the short trail to the right.
5. At next fork, take another right.
6. Pass scarlet oak tree sign. It may be leaning against tree.
7. Take about 18 steps to a large tree on left. It looks like the tree used to be split about 6 feet high and the branch on the right is gone.
8. From this tree, box is at 150 degrees behind stump under a small shelter made from logs. Re-cover carefully. Try not to get hung up in the underbrush!

Box #3
1. Continue on the trail.
2. Ignore 1st path on left going to an open field.
3. Pass beech tree on right.
4. Take next small trail on left.
5. Take right onto large trail.
6. Continue on until you see a bench on the right hand side of the trail
7. Stop and face the bench. You should see a fallen tree lying in the clearing
8. The box is hidden at 260 degrees against the far side of the fallen tree. It is covered with sticks and leaves. Hopefully this has been an enlightening experience! Go back to the trail.

Box #4
1. Continue on trail
2. At fork with two benches, take right.
3. Cross through open field.
4. At T, take right.
5. At fork, take smaller trail to left.
6. You will come to a 4-way intersection. There should be a brown marker with Pocahontas on the left. Take a left.
7. Ahead of you will be a fallen tree near the path. The trail goes around the tree and bends to the right.
8. You will pass over a few piles of rocks that create small bumps in the path.
9. Look for a 4-way intersection. To the right is a tree with moss growing at it’s base. Take the path to the right and take a few steps so that the tree is now on your left.
10. On your right you should see a fallen tree. Take about 7 steps from the end of the fallen tree and the box is under the tree on the creek side.

1. Return to 4-way intersection.
2. Head up hill. This trail has a few bends.
3. At next intersection take a right and then immediate left onto another trail.
4. Take right on large trail.
5. Take left at fork. There will be a bench on the left. You will be on the Frisbee golf course.
6. You will come to an open area with a bulletin board and picnic tables. Once you are in the open area go right, walking past the tee for Hole #9.
7. Keep walking straight. Go past “Warning” sign. Stop when you see the sign for Hole #10 on the right.
8. Go 31 steps and look for a pine tree on the left. There should be a small opening that leads into the woods. You will have to go under a fallen tree.
9. Go into the woods under the fallen pine tree. Once under the tree, walk 15 steps to a clearing.
10. Standing in this clearing, look between 30 degrees and 40 degrees to see a small stump with a fallen tree.
11. Walk 21 steps to the stump with the fallen tree.
12. The box is near the stump end of the fallen tree and by the skinny holly tree. It is hidden under pieces of tree bark. TAPED TO THE INSIDE OF THIS BOX IS CLUE #2 TO A SET OF BOXES IN A FOURTH PARK CONTAINING THE STAMPS OF THE MURDERER, THE MURDER WEAPON, AND THE ROOM IN WHICH THE MURDER OCCURRED. MAKE SURE TO WRITE THIS CLUE DOWN IN YOUR NOTEBOOK. Hope this wasn’t a wrenching experience for you!

To get back to your car, go back to the bulletin board and picnic table spot, exiting right out of the disc golf course. This will bring you back out to the pond. On other side of pond is the parking lot.