East Elementary  LbNA # 38861

OwnerSunshine Kids    
Placed DateApr 11 2008
LocationAthens, OH
Found By Sunshine Kids
Last Found Mar 10 2010
Hike Distance?

East Elementary is located on Wallace Drive in Athens. Walk on sidewalk in front of the school and stop at the East Elementary sign located close to the middle of the building.

Facing the East Elementary sign, turn North. Walk north on the sidewalk, stepping on twenty five cracks in the pavement. After taking twenty five steps, stop and turn west. You will be facing the school with a spruce tree in front of it. Take five steps towards the spruce. The box will be placed in the tree about five feet off the ground.

This box was created and placed by the Sunshine Kids out of room 232 here at East Elementary. The students have multiple disabilities and have spent this past week learning about letterboxing. It has been a fun week. Enjoy and happy letterboxing.