Sports Fanatic Series  LbNA # 38865

Placed DateApr 12 2008
LocationRichmond, VA
Planted ByBig G    
Found By EllBee
Last Found Apr 19 2009
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"Sports Fanatic Series"
This series was made by an 11 year old while discovering her 1st letterboxing adventure. This is a good adventure for a beginner letterboxer. The stamps are hand-carved with erasers. Please bring a stamp pad or crayola marker for stamping and a pen.

Echo Lake Park is located in Henrico County on Springfield Road (Rt. 157), approximately one mile west of Staples Mill Road (Rt. 33). This is a very nice park with a 12-acre lake. A gravel path encircles the entire lake for walking and hiking. There is a fishing pier, playground, and picnic shelters available.

Park in lot and look for the bridge to the right.

Box #1 - Basketball
Enter park. Cross the big bridge. Go on gravel path and pass the White Pine on your left. Near the playground on the right, look to your left and you will see a tree with a Y shape at the top and an opening in the back will be the location of box #1. Rehide well please.

Box #2 - Football
Continue on the gravel trail and see a trash can to your right. Once you get to the White Oak, you will go up a big hill and about half way up, you will see three trunk tree that is rather small. Keep going. Find Mockernut Hickory on your right hand side, walk off the path into the woods about 20 or so paces, when you find a small decaying stump you will have found box #2. Rehide well please.

Box #3 - Soccer
As you pass a trash can, you must continue on the trail, walk for while until you see a bench. Far behind the bench, look for a tree hanging over. Take about 30 steps and beneath the leaves around it is box #3. Rehide well please.

Box #4 - Baseball
Re-enter the trail and pass the four trunk tree. Go over the bridge and 20 steps farther, you will find a tree on your left with a hole in the back and you have found box # 4. Rehide well please.

Box #5 - Tennis
Pass the next little stream. Once you see the American Holly, you walk about 70 steps to a fork in the road. On your right, a log will contain box #5. Rehide well please.