Clue Series -- The Rooms  LbNA # 3887

Placed DateMar 15 2003
LocationAshland, VA
Found By J and J in VA
Last Found Dec 4 2010
Hike Distance?

FEB 09 2011 UPDATE: As new “owner” for the CLUE Series the maintenance status will be updated periodically. Currently the Maintenance Team (PaperTrail, PinkPanther, Claude White, The Nose, J&J in VA, and sewsewbizzy) sought all the Rooms, Suspects & Weapons on 2010DEC04. We did not have time/light enough to find the Solution – especially since we were missing the 3rd part of the clue. What we did find were the following Original Stamps – unless otherwise noted. Almost all log books were wet and moldy beyond repair.
Lounge X
Conservatory X
Billiard X
Study X
Passage 1 X
Passage 2 X
Ballroom X crumbly needs to be re-carved
Dining Rm X recarved
Kitchen X
Hall X
It is my intention to replace all containers and logbooks – (if dry, prior books will remain), mount old & new stamps on foam core to preserve from breaking, re-carve new stamps for those that are missing, and update clues as necessary. It is expected that this project will be completed before December 2011.

The game of Clue has rooms, weapons, and suspects. This series has stamps broken out into the general categories of rooms, weapons, and suspects with each category hidden in one of three Richmond area parks.

The last stamp in each category series will have a clue that is taped onto the final box. You must write down the clue from the last box. Do not remove the clue that is taped to the final category series box! For the identity of the fourth park, you may need to consult a Richmond map.

The Rooms – Poor Farm Park – 10 Boxes
Placed by: Itchy Butt Girls
Date Placed: March 15, 2003
Compass Needed
Difficulty: Moderate. Approximately 2-3 hours.

To get to Poor Farm Park, take 95 to Exit 92/Ashland, and follow Route 54 west, through Ashland. Keeping on Route 54 heading west, go several miles through farmland. You are looking for a brown sign on your right, pointing left for Poor Farm Park. Turn left, following the sign to Poor Farm Park. Stay on this road all the way to the end, past baseball, football and soccer fields. At the end of the road is a parking area and several picnic shelters. Park near Shelters 2 and 3.

The trails are used by mountain bikers so be careful to watch out for riders when you are hiking to look for boxes.

Box 1 -- The Lounge
By Shelter #3 follow a gravel path leading towards some horseshoe pits. Near Pit #4 you will see a trail leading off to the right. Follow this trail. At the first fork, go left. At the next fork, go right and follow the trail to a bridge over a creek. At the T-intersection, go left to see huge tree that fell across the path. Where the tree crosses the path, look to the left for a tree that used to have barbed wire wrapped around it. It is about 20 steps from teh path. Behind this tree, cradled in the roots on the northwest side, is the Lounge. (It may be easier to pass the large fallen tree that was cut, turn left and find tree.)

Box 2 -- The Conservatory
NE fron here is a small bridge. Continue on the trail, going uphill, then downhill. Several trails down the hill can get you there. Cross small bridge. At the end of this bridge, take 13 steps to a small tree on your left. At a heading of 120 degrees, take 12 steps to a tree with a large hollow and in this hollow is the Conservatory.

Box 3 -- The Billiard Room
Keep going on the trail. The trail makes a lot of u turns. Finally you will get to a 4 way intersection. Turn right. When the trail forks stop. Look between two large trees close to path on right. Due south is a tree with an abnormal base. Behind this tree is the Billiard Room.

Box 4 -- The Study
Go back to the 4 way intersection. At the 4-way intersection, go straght and then take the first left trail. Right after you start on this new trail, you will see several concrete chunks on you left. Keep walking and the trail will curve right. Shortly, see several downed trees on the left. At the dead tree stump, turn left and see an X on the ground. Go to the X and facing the trail, look at its west side for the Study.

Box 5 -- The Secret Passage (#1) – hidden by D and Shoo
After the X continue straight on the trail. (Avoid the two rights, it's a big loop, unless you want a sidetrip) You will come to a switchback and a two-trunked tree with a V on your right. While standing next to this V-trunked tree, take a compass reading of 150 degrees. Go 32 steps in that direction to a tree with a large hole in its base. The box is in the tree base, hidden by a large piece of bark.

Box 6 -- The Secret Passage (#2)
Stay on the trail and keep going. Soon you will cross a bridge and go uphill, then downhill and cross the creek again. At the T-intersection, go right. You will eventually pass between a large fallen tree that fell onto the path and has been cut. Stop where the tree crosses the path. Just in front of you and to the right is one of the sections that was cut from the tree. The Ballroom is under this section of the tree. Look behind the log to get to it's hiding place. Take note how a small branch is wedged in there to conceal the 2nd Secret Passage.

Box 7 -- The Ballroom
Stay on the trail. Stay straight till you get to a T-intersection. This path is very wide. Don't worry, you won't be taking this path. Just ahead and to the left is a small trail. Cross the large trail and take this small path. This trail will end in another T-intersection, and you will go left. Notice a large tree that looks like a backwards 4. From this spot take 50 steps. You should stop just before the path turns tot eh left. Look right and only 7 steps away, hidden in a tree hollow in the ground, is the Ballroom.

Box 8 -- The Dining Room (Thanks to the West Coast Wannabees for replacing and relocating the Dining Room!)

Return to the trail and keep going to the next intersection, where you will go left. Follow the trail through what mountain bikers call a "dipsy-doo" and keep straight through another. Go left at the top of this second dipsy-doo, bear right at the next fork, and go straight at the next several intersections until you reach the wooden steps that lead down to your right to the amphitheater. Once you reach the bottom of the steps, walk to your right to the corner of the stage. Face teh stage. Directly to your right and in the woods is a large fallen tree. Walk to the left end of the tree. The Dining Room is under the back side of the tree and is covered with several rocks. The letterbox is partially covered in cammo tape.

Box 9 -- The Kitchen
From the Dining Room, take the gravel road behind the amphitheater. Follow the gravel road a short distance to a set of several trails. Take a very rooty trail that goes up a hill. Notice the very large tree on your right shortly after you reach the top of the hill. At four way intersection, go straight, take a dip and stop. Look directly to your left. You'll notice several fallen trees parellel to the path. The Kitchen is under the longer pine tree nearest the path, about five feet from the base, behind a small log.

Box 10 -- The Hall
Back track to the four way intersection, go right. Ignore all forks. Keep left through a pine forest and the end of the trail at the gravel road. Turn right onto the gravel road. Within approximately 30 steps, see the porcupine tree on your right, and at its base is the Hall. TAPED TO THE INSIDE OF THIS BOX IS THE CLUE TO A SET OF BOXES IN A FOURTH PARK CONTAINING THE STAMPS OF THE MURDERER, THE MURDER WEAPON, AND THE ROOM IN WHICH THE MURDER OCCURRED. MAKE SURE TO WRITE THIS CLUE DOWN IN YOUR NOTEBOOK.

To get back to your car, continue up the gravel road, cut across the field toward the orange playground equipment. Your parking lot is just past the playground equipment.