Anchors Away - A.S. Ruthven  LbNA # 38872

OwnerLighthouse Luvin Mom    
Placed DateApr 11 2008
LocationTucker, TX
Found By suzyq
Last Found Jul 8 2011
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Anchors Away Ė A.S. Ruthven

The Trinity River once served as a vital link for the shipment of cotton from East Texas to the port of Galveston. Steam ships like the A.S. Ruthven made these trips and often would make port at the site of Old Magnolia Town.

This continued until competition from the railroad made transport along the Trinity obsolete. The Ruthven was retired from service and then was dismantled partially in the 1870ís. The anchor of this steam ship was recovered from the Trinity River in the 1920ís or 30ís and was placed in Palestine.

If you wish to see the anchor of the Ruthven, go to downtown Palestine at the corner of Spring Street and Sycamore. Itís diagonally across from the East Texas National Bank.

The box couldnít be placed at Old Magnolia, because, well, itís under water at the time of this planting. If you want to see a replica of Old Magnolia Town, it is located on highway 79 between Palestine and Tucker. There web-site is

To the cemetery: This box is placed at Old Magnolia Cemetery. Proceed down 79 west of Tucker to highway 294. Take 294 east toward Elkhart. Take a right on 2118. Go through the gate on your left.

To the box: Proceed to the sign that says drive and turn left. Go almost too where the drive Tís. There is a marker with the name Baker. By this marker is a tree with a hollow in it on the south side. The box is in the hollow under debris and sticks. Please re-hide carefully and as good as or better than you found it, and as always watch out for poison ivy, snakes and other critters.

Good hunting!