A Sailboat in the Pond  LbNA # 38895 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 12 2008
LocationGreenville, OH
Planted ByDa Resq    
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The Sailboat in the pond is hidden in the Greeville City Park. To get to the park locate the traffic circle downtown, and follow East main St. (it's the street beside the post office) going east. At the second stop light you will find the Greenville City Park on your left.

Turn right toward the shelter houses and the playground area. Slippery Slide is hidden near Shelter House number 5. Not far from this shelter house you will see a stop sign at the intersection of Park and Wilson. You will see a large pine tree very near the stop sign, and this is where you will find a Sailboat in the Pond!

Please note: There is a First Finders token in this box! Don't forget to look for it.

Happy Hunting!

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