Bluebird #2 of 3 in feathered friends series  LbNA # 38919 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerShields of faith    
Placed DateApr 12 2008
LocationSarver, PA
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One day in the middle of winter, as I was watching some birds at my birdfeeder through my kitchen window, I was inspired to do a new letterbox series. This is my bluebird which is the second of 3 boxes in my "Feathered Friends" series.

Directions to the bluebird:

In Sarver, you will turn onto Monroe Rd. which is directly across from the South Pike Cinema and right next to a sheetz. Stay on this road and eventually you will pass over a small creek. Immediately after crossing the creek you will see the Butler/Freeport trail. You can park on the right side of the road along the trail. Stay on this part of the trail. Do not cross the road. Eventually this trail will cross over the small creek. After you cross this creek make a left turn onto a smaller little path. There will be a little wooden bench next to this path. Meander down the path and cross over the old concrete bridge. Eventually you will notice an old pumphouse off to your left. you will pass it and continue straight on the path that you are on. Keep walking until you come to a part of the trail where there were about 3 little trees that were fallen across the trail. These trees have been cleared from the trail but you can see the cut ends of the trees along the trail. You need to pass through where the cut trees are and Immediately start heading up the hill to your left (approx. 50 yards). You will notice a bunch of large moss covered rocks up on the hill. Climb to that location. (these rocks are not real noticeable in the summer months so you will just have to climb until you get to them). Once you are near the rocks you will notice a small grouping of about 3 or 4 little trees pretty much in the middle of these rocks. About 5 feet behind these trees the bluebird is hiding behind a large triangular shaped rock. The box is hidden in a fairly large hole in the rocks so I suggest that you poke a stick around in the hole before putting your hand in just in case there are other things hiding in there as well. Also, be careful when walking among the rocks. I came across some small holes that were covered over with moss. Happy letterboxing!