Placed DateApr 13 2008
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeriden, CT
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Apr 19 2017
Hike Distance?


Thanks to all my hiking buddies over the years.

Do you feel like finding a beautiful view and have a nice hike too ??
Well. I recommend Lamentation Mountain on the Mattabessett Trail .in Meriden . The CT Walk Book says of the top level area, that it is the most scenic traprock ridge walk in the State . That says a lot . and a key word here is TRAP ROCK / The hike travels over and , up and down , trap rock ., with woods walks as well .
Two boxes are planted for this hike. Both honoring memories .. To find them you can begin the hike in Giuffrida Park in Meriden and travel the blue blazed trail leaving the far end of the parking lot on a wide grassy road .
OR , drive to the northern end on Spruce Road with limited parking , or Lamentation Road where there is a gate ..and limited parking .
Either way you must get to the top !!!
Lamentation Mt box . On the south/ western end of the summit, stop at a lumpy bumpy two sister tree close to the trail . Stand there and check out the view. A white tower is at 296 degrees Another two sister tree is at 84 degrees.,and it is standing next to a large flat top square rock . In a little cave is Lamentation Mt Box . Make A Memory .

When you arrive at the large open area with the great view to the West , go to the northern end on the trail and on rocky trap rock with white paint on the rocks. , stand there The White Tower is at 288 degrees. A double white birch tree is at 140 degrees and under the ledge at 120 degrees is the Memory Box .

I hope you make some wonderful memories too