Oxabunga  LbNA # 38925 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 13 2008
LocationWest Jefferson, OH
Found By Ol Tukai
Last Found Aug 22 2011
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Oxabunga is in honor of the “Ox Roast” that takes place every Labor Day weekend in West Jefferson. In 1950 this tradition began and is the biggest event that takes place in our town. A parade, queen contest, watermelon eating contest, talent show, kiddie tractor pulls, rides, concessions, games and crafts all take place in during this three day event, but nothing compares to the serving of the famous Ox Roast Sandwiches, which are served on Labor Day.
It all begings with 3 ¼ tons on Eye of Round Roast. On Sunday the roast are all seasoned and wrapped in foil. A pit is dug measuring 135 ft. long, 4 ft. wide by 4 ft. deep. 30 tons of slab wood is delivered and at 9 PM on Sunday the pit is lit and the slab wood is fed into the pit. Between 2:30-3:00 AM. 30 tons of sand is spread over the hot coals and raked smooth. The roast are put on the sand and covered with steel post and metal roofing, then 6 inches of sand is put on top. All is covered with a tarp for 11 to 12 hours and then served, beginning at 3:00 PM. This event takes place at Garrett Park which is in the center of town.

To find Oxabunga, take Rt. 40 to West Jefferson. Pleasant Hill Cemetery is on the west end of town and it is located on the north side of the road across from 623 W. Main St. Enter the center entrance and find WISE on your left. Turn left at DEYO and park with OUR ELTA on your right. On your left you will see 2 trees with SWARTZ in the middle. Head west from tree on the right at 250 degrees, 25 paces to BRITTON. Find George, and Oxabunga is behind the red brick.