Who Let the Dogs Out!  LbNA # 3893

Placed DateFeb 12 2001
LocationPortland, OR
Planted ByThe Paisley Orca    
Found By Crustacean Nation
Last Found Jun 4 2012
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Placed by Amanda (The Paisley Orca) and John on February 12, 2001.

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT! I confess, it was me.
Skip, Fido and Spot are leashless and loose in Portland, Oregon's magnificent Forest Park in Multnomah County. It's up to you to capture their images in your letterboxing journal! This used to be a 4 dog series but Dog #2, Rover, and then his replacement, Nippy, are no longer with us. Their hiding spot is no good obviously, and therefore I will not sacrifice another mutt to this log or this area on the trail. The others are doing just fine, though! In a 26-mile area, Forest Park is the largest city park in the USA and well worth checking out.

Placed by
Amanda Briles
The Paisley Orca


Directions: From the bustling street corner of NW 23rd and Lovejoy in Portland's delightful Northwest Portland urban neighborhood drive West on NW Lovejoy. Lovejoy turns into NW Cornell Road. You will go through a couple tunnels on your way up. You'll want to turn right on NW 53rd Drive. From here go up .9 mile. Go beyond the big parking and picnic area and not much farther up is the pullout on the right where you may park for the Dogwood Trail.

Clues: Easy (these clues should take you right to each letterbox).

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. Probably counting stamping time this trail takes somewhere between an hour to an hour and 1/2. It also depends on the speed of the participants (I'm pretty slow, myself). There is some uphill, but it's really not too strenuous and it's a fun place for a nice hike. Please wear appropriate attire (especially footwear) for mud!


Park at the pullout for the Dogwood and Wild Cherry Trails (No signs from the road tell you this, though). Just beyond the entrance there are signs. Follow the sign for Dogwood Trail. Continue straight on this path, past the large clearing on the left. Keep going straight, down the hill and look to your right. As you come round a bend you should see a raised four-foot tall stump, which Skip has claimed as his own territory.


Continue on the Dogwood Trail till you come to the trailhead for the Wildwood Trail. Head right and wind on down the Wildwood. Go along the Wildwood for a while. Go over one culvert. Go over the second culvert and high five the blue diamond. Keep going and there will be a third and forth culvert you'll go over. Stop at the fifth culvert and go 53 steps. Now stand. Fido should be rooting around the single tree on your right.


After your visit with Fido, keep on going until you reach the trail junction. At this major fork, go up the Dogwood Trail for a while. Go beyond a white witness post for a survey marker on your right and keep going up the trail. You may see the Fremont Bridge from here. Keep on going. Where things flatten out a bit continue on around the bends. You may catch glimpses of downtown Portland to your left. Keep going a ways and be on the lookout for a tree with six trunks on your left. From here go approximately 41 steps. On the left-hand side Spot's back porch has a beautiful view of the city through the trees on a clear winter day.

Continue up the trail. When you come to the next fork (the large clearing is ahead of you), take a left back to your original starting place at the Dogwood Trailhead. Have a great time!