C.S.A. Iron Works  LbNA # 38947

OwnerLighthouse Luvin Mom    
Placed DateApr 13 2008
LocationMound Prairie, TX
Found By suzyq
Last Found Jul 8 2011
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C.S.A. Iron Works

Between the towns of Mound Prairie and the long gone town of Plentitude was the site of an iron works that produced rifles and bayonets for the Confederacy. Prior to the Civil War the site was used to manufacture cotton gins and grist mills.

A state historical marker was once in place on SH 155 telling the history of the general location, but it is now gone. We thought we might add a letterbox to replace the marker.

This letterbox is located in Mound Prairie Cemetery.

To the cemetery: From 155 about 6.4 miles North of Palestine. Take Anderson County Road 4440 (There is a sign for Mound Prairie Cemetery on 155.) The cemetery is on the right. Proceed through the 1st gate and walk to the entrance gate on your left. Proceed through the 2nd gate and look immediately to your left. Do you see that large Crepe Myrtle? It is the one by the gravestone for Duke. The box is in the middle of the tree. As always, be careful for snakes, spiders, poison ivy and the like. Please re-hide as well as or better than you found the box.

Side note: OK Civil War historical buffs. Did you catch my mistake on the rifle?