Massacre at Long Beach  LbNA # 38965

OwnerJersey Devil    
Placed DateApr 5 2008
LocationBarnegat Light, NJ
Found By Team Freeman
Last Found Jul 25 2011
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Massacre at Long Beach


On the evening of October 25, 1782, during a storm a Belgium cutter was driven off course until it ran aground on the Barnegat Shoals. The next morning, Capt. Andrew Steelman of Cape May and the crew of his privateer boat The Alligator, found the abandoned cutter with its cargo. Steelman claimed the boat and sent crewmembers into town to enlist all extra hands to help unload the boat. The cargo consisted of rum, linen, salt, sugar and tea. Because of the embargo placed by the English, these items were in short supply. The skulking William Wilson of Waretown, instead of joining the crew, went to inform John Bacon, the notorious Tory bandit, of the prize capture.

Bacon quickly gathering his men aboard his whaleboat Hero’s Revenge and set sail for Long Beach Island. Capt. Steelman, his crew and energetic volunteers spent the day unloading barrels and boxes from the Cutter. In the evening, the men slept on the beach, resting from the hard days work and drunk from celebration at such a rich prize. Many of the volunteers were unarmed. Under the cover of darkness, John Bacon’s crew made a stealth landing on the bay side of Long Beach Island. They snuck across the island to the beach and maliciously slaughtered 20 to 30 sleeping men.

Begin your journey in the same area where that Cutter ran aground. Go to where a ship of similar fate lies. Go to the ships mast that protrudes out of the sand to this day. (Enjoy the beautiful and very unique scenery.) From the mast, travel in a Westerly direction, or 262 degrees. Go to the boardwalk on 13 and go 27 paces past the Bayberry or 55 paces from the road end of the boardwalk. Under the north side of the boardwalk is your treasure. Arr Mate…