Tree Climber  LbNA # 38974

Placed DateApr 14 2008
LocationLongview, TX
Found By Lucy Locket
Last Found Nov 15 2008
Hike Distance?

After finding another letterbox in this park I decided there was enough room to add one more. From the intersection of W. Marshall and N. Spur 63 turn west and go about .02 miles. You will see a sign on your right that reads: Paul G. Boorman Trail. Turn right and park in parking lot. This is a fairly new trail that will be expanded in the future.

To the box: Follow trail around to Princeton Ave. (another trail) . Do not turn here. Continue straight until you see the green and white Jackson Park sign. Stop at this sign and look to your left. You will see 3 trees with vines. The vines look like a hanging hammock. Behind these trees is a fallen tree with a "Y" shape to it. Directly in front of the "Y" is a small log. Tree Climber is hiding in the end of this log, covered by lots of tree debris. Please use caution as a children's playground is close by.

There are quiet a few trails here that are in need of more letterboxes. This would be a good place to leave one when you come by. :)

Please reseal and rehide well.