Spring Series  LbNA # 38978

Placed DateApr 14 2008
LocationLongview, TX
Found By luvjaa
Last Found Mar 18 2010
Hike Distance?

After doing a little research about Longview. I have found that there are quite a few parks and some really nice hiking/biking trails here. Make your way to Patterson Park located at , 1313 Hyacinth Dr. in Longview. There is a small parking lot here, children's playground, picnic area and multi purpose courts. Make your way to the trail. This trail is called the Cargill Long Trail and runs north and south. It is a Recognized/Certified National Recreational Trail that is 3 miles long with 1/4 mile markers.

To the boxes:

Box #1 Inching Along
From the parking lot, go past the playground and head south on the trail. Just before the bridge (culvert) there is a dirt trail leading up the hill to your left. Go up this trail. At the top of the hill turn left. Take 34 steps to a pine tree on your left. Inching Along is hiding at the base of the tree. Beware of poison ivy/oak.

Box #2 Snug as a Bug
Go back to the asphalt trail and continue south on the trail. Cross the street and continue on. Find the 5 stepping stones on your left. Go about 20 feet off the trail and you will see a large pine tree. Snug as a Bug is behind the pine tree covered with the usual stuff. You can stamp in at the bench.

Box #3 14 Beautiful Days
Continue south on the trail and cross the street. Go to the 2nd green bench and stop. Turn around and go back 50 steps. Look to your left for a large pine tree that is being hugged by a thick vine. Behind this tree is another larger pine tree. 14 Beautiful Days is behind this pine tree under the usual debris.

This trail is stroller friendly with some ruff patches on the way to Box 3. Tadpole was laying down on the job the whole way.

Please make sure to recover and rehide all the boxes. Thanks and Happy Boxing.