Just do It!  LbNA # 38979

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateApr 12 2008
LocationPalestine, TX
Found By Lighthouse Luvin Mom
Last Found Mar 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Update: I have a report that this box is missing. If you do attempt to fin it, please let me know the status. Thanks!

Located in Palenstine, Wolf Creek Lake is just waiting for you to cast your line! I was there during the week, and there weren't very many people, but on the week-end and summer is it probably gets croweded.

At the intersection of Loop 256 and Sterne Ave. go west to Anderson County Rd. 420 and turn right. (the sign is hard to see, so if you go past 426, you need to turn around). the road makes a sharp right tun at a "Y" Go left at the "Y". There is a sign that reads : Entrance to Wolf Lake Park" continue about 07 miles and turn right at the entrance to the lake.

To the Box:
Follw the road around to the east side of the lake where you will see a picnic table and a trash can. Park here. Go to the south corner of the table and go 40 steps to a tree directly in front of you. Faceing the woods, with your back to the tree, go another 15 steps to the woods. Look straight ahead and you should see a large tree with a hole at it's base. There is a smaller trunk growing out of the tree on the right. Box is at the base of the tree where these trunks meet. Please Re-hide and cover well.