Grumpy Groundhog  LbNA # 39010

Placed DateApr 16 2008
Location???, MO
Found By???
Last UpdateSep 19 2011
Hike Distance?

Note: October 15, 2015. This box will be relocated soon. I have found a new place for it and hope to get it back in play within the next week or two, with some changes to the original clue at the end.

Note: July 17, 2015: I walked by the tree today and noticed that the little drumstick was missing. I suspect that someone may have broken it off. It made me a little sad. The drumstick was the main reason I selected this place to put the box in the beginning.

Note: July 14, 2015: We have had really hard rain in this area. One day we got 5 inches and 3 inches the next day. Today I went out to check on the groundhog and was dismayed to find that the west side of his cozy little basement had been totally broken off by the downpour. I dug through the mud and found him safe, sound and DRY in his little room.
I would like to put him back somewhere in the same general area so that I wouldn't have to change the clues. But I haven't had time to explore enough. I will post a message when he has settled in to a new home.

This box is located in an area about 35 miles north of Columbia, MO on Hwy. 63. Some of the area is fairly open and traffic increases as Memorial Day approaches, so stealth and good re-hiding are critical. Bring your own ink. I use "pace" for two steps - left, right and left again, or right, left and right again. Your stride may vary from mine.

tseuq ruoy nigeb ot rettal eht esoohc tser fo ecalp a seil ecalp gnilaeh a rean

Find the peaceful spot that shares its name
with a soul of most blessed fame.
Pass four pale sentries to enter the gate
and visit those often referred to as "late".
On the right Suzy invites the quick to rest.
You may want to stop and be her guest.
Then a barrier you must traverse
and take the sinister path for better - or worse.
Keep an eye out for snares along the way.
Go around if you can. You're not the prey.
Down twice and twice up your way will wend,
and then about fifty more paces to near the trek's end.
Right by the path a three-pronged fork you will find
With a very small drumstick stuck to one tine.

This is my first plant. I hope you enjoy the hunt. I welcome your comments and stories. Please contact me if maintenance is needed.