Tualatin Hills Nature Park Series  LbNA # 3906

OwnerGreen Hornet    
Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By The Plundering Bunny
Last Found Feb 27 2009
Hike Distance?

Many of these boxes appear to be missing 10-20-2003, I know boxes #2 and #4 are still in place for sure. Maintence and repair are scheduled in the near future....

Located on Millikan Blvd near Murray Blvd and TV Hwy in Beaverton. This Nature Park is a 217 acre nature preserve with several ecosystems. A variety of wildlife exist here in the middle of a busy suburban neighborhood. This series is family friendly and two of the boxes could potentially be handicap accessible.

The letterboxes feature wildlife you might see within the Park. You will need a Park Map (available in or out in front of the Interp.Ctr) to find trails easily. All of the letterboxes are located within one or two steps of the trail. Please remain on the marked trails. Remember to replace the letterboxes as you found them with lids tight and all contents within the ziploc bags provided. Good luck & happy letterboxing!

CLUES: All directions begin at the Interpretive Center

Box 1

I am a fish, small and wary. Colorful and prized by anglers. I like warm water best. To find my letterbox you won’t have to swim! Travel down the Oak Trail. If you think you need a rest, sit awhile. You are very near my hiding place. 10 more steps and you will see a decomposing stump on the left side of the trail. Reach behind the stump and grab me by the tail!

terrain: paved path difficulty: easy

Box 2

I am furry with good ears and eyes. Some say my feet are lucky. To find me you will hop along the Oak Trail past box 1. When you get to the long boardwalk, turn around and make 15 hops back up the trail. I am hiding down low. You might see one of the predators I hide from etched in stone. (note: stinging nettle alert!!)

terrain: paved path difficulty: easy

Box 3

I slither along the sunny paths. I have no legs, yet I move very fast to stay out from under your boots! To find me, walk along the Creek Trail. 25 paces west of the "reed forest" you may see some of my kind resting in the pockets of this "snake condominium." It looks like a giant fan with lots of hiding places. Look down low and you will find me. Please take extra care when replacing this box as it is is very near the trail and could easily be seen and taken.

terrain: dirt path difficulty: moderately easy

Box 4

I fish from above. I am small but noisy. I share the Big Pond with herons, nutria, ducks and frogs. From the Vine Maple Trail, turn onto the Big Fir Trail. Turn left onto the Trillium Loop. 50 big paces after the trail curves around a big stump, you will see 5 maple trees with one skinny pine whispering secrets to them. They have a good view of the marsh. Box 4 is hidden in the roots. If you see the Big Pond you have gone too far.

terrain: dirt path difficulty: observant letterboxing required!

Box 5

I move slowly along the forest floor. I eat tender leaves and leave my own trail. To find me, take the Vine Maple Trail. Turn left onto the Big Fir Trail. At the next intersection, take the Ponderosa Loop Trail heading almost due South. The trail gets very curvy and a small side trail breaks off heading west. Take 14 goodly paces and you will be in a clearing. Have a seat to look around, Stinging Nettle does abound. Near the path and on the trail, you will see I¹m mostly tail. South East from your seat a gnarled log resides right next to the trail. I¹m hiding among the roots in a cozy spot.

terrain: dirt path difficulty: moderately easy STINGING NETTLE EVERYWHERE!!

Box 6

I carry my home on my back. I prefer to stay near the water where I can move quickly. I can hold my breath for a long time. I eat just about anything I can catch or pluck with my sharp beak. To discover my hiding place, follow the Vine Maple Trail. When you are near my home you will see (and smell) Skunk Cabbage. Cross the steel bridge and the sound of running water. Just past the bridge, the trail climbs. Log walls make a good home. On the right side look for a small log. I am hiding beneath. This is a very public spot. Please be sure you are alone as you find or replace me.

terrain: paved path difficulty: easy (handicap accessible)

Box 7

April 21 is Earth Day. Do something for Mother Earth! Letterboxing is one way to enjoy our natural environment. Please stay on trails and help keep our park clean by disposing of litter. Find the Earth Day Box by traveling along the Vine Maple Trail past box 6. Watch for an intersection of trails. A large log sits diagonally on the right. Have a seat. Look inside the hollow part. A piece of bark conceals the box. Please replace the box as you found it. This is a busy spot! Be sure you are alone as you remove and replace the Earth Day box!

terrain: paved path difficulty: easy (handicap accessible)

Box 8

I am seldom welcome at picnics, but I take my job seriously. I help clean up any environment I find myself in. There are too many of my kind to count. To find me, follow the Vine Maple Trail to the Oak Trail. Pass through the marsh and make a left onto the Creek Trail. Be observant as you go along. Lots to see on this trail. Watch for a small grove of 4 Cedar trees. From there, take 78 paces along the trail. You will see a mossy stump. I am hiding in the stump, covered with a bit of bark and leaves. Please disguise me as you found me!

terrain: dirt path difficulty: moderately easy