PA SGL 252  LbNA # 39063

OwnerIndigo Vulture    
Placed DateApr 18 2008
LocationElimsport, PA
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This is one in a series of boxes planted in the state game lands of northeastern Pennsylvania. If you seek this box, please be aware of hunting seasons. I recommend wearing blaze orange any time of year. I don't recommend seeking this box during deer season, except on Sundays.

State Game Lands 252 straddles the border between Lycoming and Union Counties, south of Williamsport. To get to the correct parking lot:

* Start at the intersection of PA-54 and US-15.

* 54 goes east, and 15 goes north and south. You, however, should go west, young man. This road is called Elmsport Rd or Elimsport Rd, depending on the map.

* Take El(i)msport Rd for 2.3 miles.

* Then turn left onto Turnback Road (sort of straight,'ll see when you get there).

* Very shortly, Mt. Zion M.E. Church appears on your right. Drive past it, keeping it on your right. Just past the church and its cemetery is an SGL parking lot. Park there.


* Go through the gate at the east end of the lot, then head southwest on the woods road.

* You will pass several fields on your left as you hike. Around the third field, you should be able to see a pretty lake beyond the field.

* Just after the sixth field, you'll reach your first crossroads. Go left, following the road into the woods.

* After about .25 mile, you'll go over a small stream.

* Keep going until you reach a field on your LEFT.

* Just when you hit this field, backtrack 12 paces to a large V-tree on the right.

* From the V-tree, 55* 10 paces to a 3-tree.

* Thence, 350* 1 pace to a single tree. Suspicious pile of rocks at the foot of that tree.

* Please rehide well.