Mystery: Letterboxing is for the Birds!  LbNA # 39097

OwnerGreen Girls    
Placed DateApr 20 2008
Location???, NM
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 26 2008
Hike Distance?

We have been studying birds this year in our Girl Scout troop and have completed this letterboxing trail as part of our work toward our Bronze Award. These are #7 & #8 in the 8-box series, Letterboxing is for the Birds!. Real birds and rock-pecked birds make their homes among the black boulders. Bring your binoculars, hat, water, and sunscreen, as well as your stamp. Watch for rattlesnakes during warmer months!

From I-25 take Paseo Del Norte west across the Rio Grande to Eagle Ranch Road. Take Eagle Ranch north to Paradise Blvd. Take Paradise west to Golf Course Road. Turn left (south) on Golf Course Rd then almost immediately take Jill Patricia Street west. You will see a well-signed parking lot on your right. Park there.
From I-40 take Coors Blvd. north 'til you come to Eagle Ranch Road. Follow it as it crosses Paseo Del Norte and then continue with directions above.

To the Letterboxes:

#1: Petrokeet Letterbox. From the parking lot walk west (220 steps!) along the trail to a large juniper at the base of the escarpment. The little petrokeet is roosting in it's branches. Actually she's squished beneath a pile of basalt cobbles. Enjoy Jane's stamp, the shade, and the clue to # 2!

#2: Super Eagle! Letterbox. Follow Petrokeet's clue. You will actually find a post with that number on it along the trail. At the number look south to the next tongue of escarpment. Resting on it's eastern-most flank is a large bison-like boulder. Super Eagle! can be found below the bison's buttocks. More basalt cobbles mark the spot. Enjoy Sari's carve!

From the bison you can back track toward the number post and find a rock carving that is similar to Super Eagle! It's on a boulder between the two small, dry washes.

A straight walk to the #2 box is about 1 mile round trip. Enjoy meandering!