C.A.’s Favorite Movies Series: Steel Magnolias  LbNA # 39101

Placed DateApr 20 2008
LocationNatchitoches, LA
Found By Pub Crawler
Last Found Nov 28 2013
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C.A.’s Favorite Movies Series: Steel Magnolias

C.A., a wonderful and beautiful member of Chancelier de lbu, just loves Steel Magnolias. She just loves it so much that this letterbox is dedicated to her.

Steel Magnolias is a story set in Natchitoches, Louisiana that revolves around customers of a local beauty parlor. It’s a real tear jerker. It also starred a list of who’s who in Hollywood at the time of its release. Did I mention Natchitoches?

What’s not to love about a trip to Natchitoches. Beautiful scenery, things you won’t see anywhere else and MEAT PIES!

To the cemetery: This LB is hidden at American Cemetery in historic downtown Natchitoches. The Cemetery is on Second Street. You cannot park in the cemetery, so find a place to park, and enter through the walk in gate. This gate is located on Second Street near the St. Denis Tree. The cemetery played a part in the movie and has a historical side as well. It was once the site of Fort St. Jean Baptiste, and is the home of the grave of Cammie Henry (Melrose Plantation fame.) The oldest marked burial on site is from 1797.

To the box: After going through the gate, walk straight ahead to the 1st lamppost. Then, turn right and follow the path as it veers left to a second lamppost. The trail will again veer, this time to the right. Follow it to the Steel Magnolias marker which will be low on your right. If you’re having trouble finding it look for the Woodman of the World marker on the left. This marker is directly across from the Steel Magnolias marker. While standing in front of the marker, look slightly to your left at a large gardenia or camellia bush which is next to a crepe myrtle. The LB is between the crepe myrtle and the short brick wall that houses 14 graves.

Please re-hide carefully and as good as or better than you found it, and as always watch out for poison ivy, snakes and other critters.

Good hunting!