Natchitoches Specialty  LbNA # 39102

Placed DateApr 20 2008
LocationNatchitoches, LA
Found By Walksfar
Last Found Apr 10 2016
Hike Distance?

Natchitoches Specialty

If you’ve ever been to Natchitoches you know what we’re talking about. This letterboxing adventure will take you near the best place to fill your desire for this specialty.

To the box: Take Jefferson Street to Front Street – The asphalt street will turn to a brick road. When we planted the box in April of 2008 the city was completing work on the bricks and part of the road had been pulled up. Take a left on St. Denis. Pull into the parking lot just past “Cut It Up” barber shop. The lot is for a bank and is on the corner of St. Denis and Second Street. Park as close to Second Street as you can get.

Discretion and stealth will be very important while obtaining this letterbox because it is in a high traffic area. Luckily, the bushes shield the view from the street. You will see prickly bushes lining the parking lot. There is a sort of raised “curb” in front of these bushes. The LB is located just inside this “curb.” There is a center line (seam) running through the parking lot which is perpendicular to Second Street. This line shows you the direction to the box. It is just left of this line, inside the “curb” and under one of the bushes.

Be careful with the prickly bushes. Please re-hide carefully and as good as or better than you found it, and as always watch out for poison ivy, snakes and other critters.

Good hunting!