Sweet Woods  LbNA # 39103

Placed DateApr 18 2008
LocationThornton, IL
Planted ByLittle Green Frog    
Found By well heeled
Last Found May 17 2008
Hike Distance?

Sweet Woods!

Well, here we go on another fun new hobby.

After putting this off for almost a year, here it is, our first Letterbox. More to follow soon.

It is located in the Sweet Woods Forest Preserve between Thornton and Glenwood IL. Take I294, or I94 south to IL 394. Go south on IL 394 to the Glenwood Dyer Road exit. Go right (west) on Glenwood Dyer Road about a half mile to the next traffic light at Cottage Grove Ave. Go right again (north) and Sweet Woods is about a mile down the road on your left. It is well marked.

Right inside the entrance is a small parking area. You have a 5 minute walk over ground that can get kinda mushy after it rains.

Park there and continue down the paved hiking path to the right (west). When the paved path makes a sharp curve to the right, you will follow a grown over road heading off into what appears to be a grassy field. If you pass the American flag, you missed it.

As you walk down the old road, you will see an old building foundation in the woods to your left. Keep going straight (west). When you get into the grassy field, you will start seeing patterns in the grass of stuff that used to be there. I will explain that in the box. Keep going straight down the grown over road till you see a second foundation on your left. The path you are following swings around a clump of trees. Just past this clump of trees, you will see a small 3 foot square of concrete on the ground. Take 30 more steps down the path from the square of concrete. From there, the path turns to the right, but you want to turn to the left (South). About 30 more steps ahead you will see 2 big lumps of concrete in the trees. What they were for is beyond me.

Behind the concrete blocks is a tree that has seen better days. Look at the base of the tree for the Sweet Woods box, and the answer to the mysteries of the Sweet Woods Forest Preserve.

For the GPS inclined, the coodinates are UTM 449965E 4600623N.


Little Green Frog, Mother Goose, and the Lucky Leo.

Update June 2009: Missing stamp replaced.