Ice Age Trail: Verona  LbNA # 39104

OwnerVerona Bird Patrol    
Placed DateApr 20 2008
LocationVerona, WI
Found By jetexplorers
Last Found Aug 1 2014
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Clue updated 1/8/2012 to add clarification.

Clue updated 5/30/2011 to account for changes when the bike trail was put in.

Over 12,000 years ago, mountainous flows of glacial ice sculpted a unique and remarkably beautiful landscape across Wisconsin. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a thousand-mile footpath — entirely within Wisconsin — that celebrates the legacy of the Ice Age. Diverse geological features along the Trail rank among the finest examples of continental glaciation anywhere in the world. This letterbox series depicts the great glaciers and the animals who existed in this area at that time. This walk will take about one hour round trip.

Park your car at the Ice Age Trail Junction Area lot, about 0.5 miles east of where County Highway PD and County Highway M intersect in Dane County. From the parking area, head through the fenced lot onto the bike trail near the sheds. Follow the trail, taking a right at the T in the trail. As you approach where the trail enters the woods, you will see a bird house off on the left side of the trail. Slightly further on, on the left side of the trail there are several large oak trees. Look under the rock with the oak literally growing over it for box #1.

Continue along the bike trail, passing a sign for a right turn. Not at the turn sign, but further down, take the trail to the left into the woods. This trail is getting increasingly difficult to see, as traffic is now on the bike trail and rarely on this trail. If you have difficulties, it is approximately between the two yellow diamond curve signs. Staying left, the trail will go downwards for some ways. Once you are in a depression, notice an arched log on the left side of the trail. Go to the base of the log and look for a stump ~10 paces to the south. Here you will find Box #2.

Here it is even more difficult to follow the trail, but continue south, up a slight hill until you exit the woods. As you hit the grass, the trail becomes clearer again and skirts an open area. Veer to the right, away from the housing development. Cross the bike trail. On the right you will see more large oak trees. At the base of the dead oak, find box #3.

Continue straight on the trail, you will begin to see the ice age trail posts with the yellow paint at the tops. Continue straight on the trail until it enters the woods again. If you end up on the soccer field, you went too far. Starting with the post that directs you into the woods, begin counting the posts. From the 4th post, take 40 steps at 320 degrees. Look in the root end of a 15 foot fallen log to find box #4 (pass the earlier log with the giant geocache). Replace carefully, hopefully the geocache will not endanger this box.

Now continue along the trail. Stay to the right as you come out of the woods. You will end up back near box #1.

Happy Trailing!