The Denver Doozy  LbNA # 39182

Placed DateApr 23 2008
LocationDenver, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Dec 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy. Mostly level trails across a few locations needed to gather clues. Some driving between locations is likely.

Clue Difficulty: Easy to Hard.

Directions: Not this time, sorry.

- Like the pioneers, visit the Arapaho chief and find some metal.
- From here, a trail runs along a two-time mayor.
- Maggie Tobin floats, mythical beasts guard her house.
- It wasn’t her palace but it has her name.
- Here two ladies are standing on their heads. The number nearest the lower. A menu is outside, add the numbers at the bottom.
- Not these two colors but the “color” in between.
- From here you can see a shape like those near Maggie’s beast.
- J_11 F_ _wywe. The first blank is off the menu. Take one out of the lady’s room for the second two.
- Dancing to the Field House rock.

- No inkpad or pencil in the box, make sure you bring your own.
- Please do not ask me for additional hints without offering a bribe of unpublished clues, hitchhikers, etc.
- Please email me with notes about the box: